59th Street Partners possesses extensive experience handling complex financial issues. Our advisory services represent the confluence of financial analysis, interim management services, strategy development, and operations improvement with a focus on delivering meaningful and lasting results.

Valuation & Transaction Execution:  
59th Street Partners will assist clients in all phases of valuations, acquisitions, divestitures, and financings:

  • Financial due diligence - including assessment of earnings quality, cash flow estimation, working capital analysis, and business driver reviews
  • Complex financial modeling - developing adjusted present value, discounted cash flow, market multiple, and option pricing models to cover a wide variety of settings and transaction alternatives
  • Review of documentation for stock purchases, asset sales, debt financings, stock issuances, and earn-out and put-call provisions
  • Capital structure evaluation and optimization - assess capital structure impact on returns and cost of capital
  • Assist in capital raising - development of private placement memoranda for debt and equity capital, management of the marketing of securities to potential investors, negotiation of the terms of securities offered

Raising Capital:
The professionals of 59th Street Partners have assisted large and small companies across a broad array of industries in all facets of raising capital.

  • Negotiating the terms and structure for both senior and unsecured loan facilities
  • Creating and reviewing private placement memoranda, term sheets, stock purchase agreements, and loan documents
  • Developing structures to meet on and off balance sheet reporting requirements
  • Meeting the challenges, legal and economic, posed in numerous international markets

Interim Management Services:
Our professionals have held senior positions and worked with top management on a broad spectrum of initiatives, and can seamlessly jump into key roles including:

  • Interim CEO - Capable of leading the organization, conducting the search for permanent executives, and filling-in as needed and where needed
  • Interim CFO services - assist in capital budgeting, cash management, development of accounting policies, and management of audits and valuations
  • Chief Restructuring Officer - evaluate debt capacity, assess terms and covenants of debt obligations, work with creditors on liquidity issues, and develop alternatives for in-and-out of court bankruptcies

Strategy Development:
Our consultants and advisors have been involved in creating and implementing numerous initiatives on behalf of clients including:

  • Market and product research - evaluating the market potential and customer value proposition for new products and services
  • Business plan development - assisting in the creation of business plans for use by managers, customers, vendors, investors, and creditors

Operations Improvement:
59th Street Partners works with management to improve profitability and maximize shareholder value. We identify areas for operational improvement:

  • Identify inefficiencies and areas for operational improvement
  • Maximize contribution margins and cash flows based on careful consideration of constraining factors
  • Improve asset utilization and insure that the firm is achieving an adequate return on its invested capital
  • Establish and improve performance benchmarks